Helping Trump Find a Job During The Shutdown,

Being the big Orange man has been extremely difficult these last twenty-six days… one could only assume. Lets first talk about how, and if anybody at all, has adapted to the presidents tantrums.

Carrying a big hammer at all times, her name is Thor. Or Nancy. Whatever.

To say House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has mastered the art of dealing with President Trump would be a gross understatement. She fact-checked him in the Oval Office on live TV and passed spending bills to reopen the government, thereby reinforcing Trump’s responsibility for the shutdown. To top it off, she’s taking away the president’s TV. More precisely, in response to Trump’s nearly month-long temper tantrum, she has told him he won’t get his prime-time State of the Union address on Jan. 29.

You wonder why in the world Democrats ever considered replacing her. She knows she has power, she willingly and skillfully deploys it, and, as she has said, as a mother of 5 children, knows how to handle a toddler’s meltdown. She also knows what Trump craves most — attention, TV cameras and hamburgers.

As Thor begins her second tenure as speaker of the House — this time, amid a government shutdown — Trump would be wise to look back at her working relationship with President Bush. The 43rd president learned that when he came to the table willing to truly engage, he could get a deal with Democrats. When he came in trying to swing his you know what, Pelosi wouldn’t cave.

So in the meantime, what can we, the bystanders, do to help the orange toddler find a job during the shutdown?

The President tweeted that he was all alone in the White House during the holidays.

So yes, poor him. He shut down the government, taking hostage 800,000 furloughed federal workers, but nobody is willing to pay him ransom. Now, that is costing the economy roughly $3.6billion so far, nearly the amount he’s asking for his mega wall… and most Americans correctly blame him (he is, after all, the one whoboasted: “I’ll be the one to shut it down”).

And Trump? He watches TV and tweets insults at Jeff Bezos, the Amazon founder and chief executive who also owns The Post, and Senator Elizabeth Warren. With so little to occupy him, it’s as though he is on furlough himself. He’s certainly nonessential.

Since the Orange Man is already housesitting, it is highly doubtful many people would trust him with their children or pets, and he’s a bit too recognizable to pull off the mystery-shopper routine. He tried using his “untapped teaching skills” before, and we got Trump university… So no thanks.

But to turn your hobby into income? This has potential. If Trumpenstein were to set up an insult service — for a fee, he would fire off tweets attacking your boss, your competitor or your ex-spouse — he would not only occupy himself during the shutdown but also earn enough money to pay for walls on both the Mexican and Canadian borders.

It’s an elegant solution. Instead of moping around the White House, talking about a border barrier, our furloughed president should go to the border and start erecting one. Build the wall, Mr. President — yourself.

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